Sh*t gets serious.

Frontier has been working with the team behind Change Please, designing a new brand aiming to fight climate change and deforestation, one 100% recycled loo-roll at a time.

Serious Tissues was named to insinuate the serious issues our world faces with the devastating effects of climate change. A world where we’re chopping down 27,000 trees a day just to wipe our arses. Literally flushing away 10m trees each year. The proposition was simple and distinct; for every one recycled toilet roll bought from Serious Tissues – one tree is planted.

Far from trying to enshrine the humble toilet roll with a trendy instagrammable wrapper – we defined a visual language that was far more urgent and arresting, set beside a far less ‘serious’ tone-of-voice. Encouraging over anarchy.

Our simple leading headline, ‘Sh*t just got serious’, runs across all packaging as well as a range of assets for social media and online content.

Serious Tissues are available to buy online.

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