Feel the space force.

Design Week asked our creative director, Tom Munckton, for his thoughts about the newly established United States Space force logo, unveiled by President Trump earlier this year.

This is a funny one, both in the peculiar and laughing at senses, and beyond the is-it-isn’t-it issue of Star Trek plagiarism.

First up, it’s a funny-peculiar brief. Because how do you ‘brand’ something as grandiose and yet meaningless as ‘the command of outer space’? It comes without a visual vocabulary to pull from, so defaults as always to the overused visual tropes of mid-20th century science fiction.

Secondly, it’s funny in a sort of wry smile sense, because it reminds us how much authority is imbued by heraldry. Like, for example, how the Royal Warrant almost unknowingly delivers a believable officiality. And then obviously it’s funny ha-ha, as without that it simply looks made up. A fake club, delivering no sense of what they’ll actually do. The sort of thing a kid would draw in the side of a box then sit in it pretending they’re flying to Mars.

So yes, in summary, it’s a funny one. Boldly going nowhere meaningful at all.

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