Feel the love.

Helping a former category leader reconnect with its audience in the busy natural beauty space.

25 years ago Liz Earle entered the market as one of the first natural skincare brands. Since then the category has exploded with newer, noisier competitors grabbing all the attention. However, the new entrants were all talking about themselves in similar ways: from their sourcing stories to their natural credentials, it was all about them and their principles, not about you the customer. We used brand archetypes to clarify what made Liz Earle’s story unique and identified that it had always been dedicated to ‘you’ the customer.

From its early beginnings it had gone beyond expectations to make everyone feel special, whatever their skincare need. That’s because there was an ingredient that Liz Earle put into everything: from its products, to the experience and the service – and that was love, which is how we arrived at our brand platform: Feel The Love.

At the heart of the resulting brand identity was a system involving hand-prepared collage. Through multiple layered elements the brand can reveal all the different details and inspirations that surround a product – from product efficacy, ingredients or the natural environment. In a sector where brands use familiar codes and conventions to tell you stories about themselves – this highly flexible audience-centered system allows Liz Earle to take ‘you’ on a personal journey.

Case study
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Strategy
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