The new hierarchy of Brand Experience.

With COVID-19 redefining consumers’ behaviour, health and safety is the new centrepiece of brand experience. Strategy Partner, David Frymann, was commissioned by WARC to write a piece examining the new hierarchy of brand experience in a post-COVID age.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven health and safety concerns up the agenda for consumers and brand owners alike. The pandemic has also created long term uncertainty, which has undermined confidence. The net effect of both is that health and safety are likely to remain centre stage for quite some time, which is why now a new hierarchy of brand experience is now starting to emerge. Success for brands will depend on how they respond and centre these concerns.

In his article, David explores the responsibility and opportunity for brands, and offers key takeaways including:

  • Have open lines of communication and be transparent, empathetic and hopeful in customer interactions.
  • Demonstrating a sense of community is important to build confidence among anxious consumers.
  • Ensure that any innovation around the positive aspects of the COVID-era experience can be harnessed in an inclusive way to the benefit of both businesses and individuals.

If you’re a WARC subscriber, the full article can be read here.

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